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Complete customer satisfaction is our main goal, this is why our services extend beyond selling our pneumatic Ship-Unloaders. We offer complete technical support backed by over 85 specialized subcontractors acting as our success partners.
Offering reliable customized pneumatic ship-unloaders


Starting as a trading company tied to shipping and stevedoring activities, Monash Ltd. can understand perfectly customer's requirements and tailor its solutions to offer efficient, economically feasible products. Not only we focus on initial theoretical performance and pricing, but also we stress on actual discharging performance, operation and maintenance cost. Our products are simpler, more reliable, more durable, easier and cheaper to maintain.  

Assembly and Commissioning


  • We offer complete supervision over assembly and commissioning of our sold products.

  • Upon Egyptian customers request we can effect our products assembly and commissioning at cost.  

Training customer's staff for operation and maintenance


  • We offer complete training for customer's staff to operate and maintain our products.

  • Upon Egyptian customer's request we can be contracted to operate and maintain our products. In this case Extended guarantees will be given to the whole equipment.

Technical support and trouble shooting



Because vessels are discharging round the clock we provide round the clock technical support for our sold equipments. Also we have established partnerships with over 85 subcontractors and we have agreements with main suppliers to provide efficient technical support. We promise our customers to do our utmost to solve any problem related to our equipment while discharging vessels, even if it is not within the scope of our responsibilities. 


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