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Monash Ltd. is the first Egyptian company in the Middle East and North African region (MENA) to manufacture and operate a pneumatic self propelled ship unloader for bulk material handling (Egybulk).

Our Vision


Our main objective is to offer innovative integrated engineering solutions to optimize the complete bulk material handling process at ports. By speeding up the discharging of the material, from vessel to trucks to stores until it leaves the port. Thus, increasing its efficiency and minimizing freight and storage cost of the material handling process.
“Monash Group” value added is its long technical expertise and its extensive experience in the trading business, cement exports and customized logistics solutions for various commodities. Combining both business and technical background enables Monash to focus on customer's exact requirements and project economics offering optimum satisfactory solutions.


We are introducing a new concept to the market based on product durability, efficiency and a high level of customization at very competitive prices.


Establishing partnerships with most of our subcontractors and suppliers enables us to give best warranties and aftersales round the clock services backed by over 85 sub-contracted industrial entities and suppliers. 

                                       is the registered brand name of Monash first
manufactured  equipment. (a self-propelled pneumatic Ship Unloader).
Company History


In 1981 Monash Ltd. was established as an Egyptian trading company.


In 2001 Monash had a leading marketing idea of exporting Egyptian cement. During this year Monash took the agency of a multinational cement independent trader (Avenco) and became the first Egyptian company to export bagged cement to Latin America and Europe. To avoid vessel’s demurrages Monash used its technical engineering background to design innovative handling equipments and subcontracted companies to produce special jumbo bags and Poly propylene sacks.

The first 18 000 MT cement vessel to cross Atlantic from Egypt was loaded by equipments and processes designed by Monash. Prior Monash integrated solutions, Egyptian stevedoring companies loaded vessels at a maximum rate of 1500 MT per day with a breakage percentage exceeding 7% at final destination. Using Monash equipments, special packing and handling process Egypt attained the highest loading rate of bagged cement in the world (13 000 MT per day). Also all shipments had the lowest breakage percentage of almost 0% after 4 times of handling phases over thousands of kilometers. 


In 2005 Monash started its exports of bulk cement. As a market leader Monash initiated the concept of a custom made equipment to load bulk cement tailored to the needs of Egyptian ports. 

Using its vast experience Monash is now launching its prototype for self propelled pneumatic Ship unloader.

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